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Why choose a Flat Screen?

It’s amazing to see how far television has come since the 1950s. We may laugh now at vintage footage of people huddled around a tiny console broadcasting black and white images, but if you haven’t yet upgraded to a flat screen model people may argue you’re a bit behind in the times! These days, flat screen TVs are practically the standard, and for good reason. Many models offer high definitions pictures and sound, they are great for watching widescreen shows and films, and they’re much easier on the eyes. You don’t necessarily have “It’s too expensive” as an excuse anymore, either. Some models of flat screen are quite affordable.

One advantage of a flat screen over a console it that you have more choices for placement. With consoles, you may feel limited with regards to setup, and often the room is designed around the TV. With the flat screen, you have many options, a popular one being a wall mount.

Of course, this isn’t a task you want to take on your own. Mounting a flat screen requires skills and planning for it to look right, and you definitely don’t want a poor mounting job to result in damage to your TV. At Dolphin Audio Video, we specialize in flat screen wall mounting and offer a one-year warranty on the job. Whether you want to set up in your bedroom, living room, or mancave, we’ll get the job done right.

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