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What is the Advantage of a 4K TV?


The 4K TV got it’s name from the images pixel width. This TV is around 4,000 pixels wide.  A 4K TV has about 8 million more pixels than a 1080p set can display. More pixels means more information. More information means sharper pictures. Sharper pictures are more engaging. More engaging content is more fun. And fun… well fun is the thing, isn’t it?

The higher pixel density of a 4K panel also enable you get much closer without the grid-like structure of the image itself becoming visible –this means you can comfortably watch a much larger screen from the same seating position as your current Full HD panel.

Keep in mind though that, you’ll only be able to see the resolution difference on a 4K set if you’re 1) watching 4K content through it and 2) you’re sitting close enough. Currently all available 4K Ultra HD TVs are in excess of 50-inches.

Dolphin AV installs 4K TV’s in Hilton Head Island, SC and all surrounding areas. Please contact us for an in-home estimate. We also offer Top of the Line Universal Remotes with the 4K TV installation.

Dolphin AV offers 4K TV Installations in Hilton Head Island, SC and all surrounding areas.


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