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Were You Considering Underwater Pool Speakers?

Dolphin AV has noticed that Underwater Speakers are becoming an increasingly popular pool accessory in the Hilton Head/ Bluffton SC area. Now people are enjoying their favorite music under the water. Whether for exercise or recreation, underwater speakers add a whole new dimension to swimming.

If you are considering under water speakers, you will need to consider a few things first before making that investment.The first thing you need to consider is what type of speaker you need. Here are the three basic types of speakers.

1. Floating and Drop-in Speakers: These speakers are the least expensive way to have music in the water. For the floating installation, a float is attached to the speaker and additional floats support the cable. The speaker cable will be in the water. This could be a safety issue especially if young children are using the pool. When using the drop-in method, the speaker float is removed and the speaker is lowered into the pool. It is recommended for both the floating and drop-in installations that a length of nylon rope be attached to the tether eyelet hole. The rope is then used to raise or lower the speaker, instead of using the cable. The speaker cable will be in the water. This could be a safety issue especially if young children are using the pool.

2. Portable Speakers: This underwater speaker is mounted inside a sturdy cage and is well protected enough to be used not only in pools but also test tanks, lakes and oceans. This is classified as a high end speaker. These portable speakers are easy to install and produce great sound.

3. In-Wall Underwater Speakers: This is the best option if you’re building a new pool or renovating an existing pool. The speakers are designed to fit inside a pool light niche in the wall of the pool which makes for a much more attractive and unobtrusive installation than the floating or drop-in options. The speaker is pretty much flush with the pool wall and the cable would run underground through conduit to the stereo. This is a safer installation as the cable is out of the way of swimmers.

The next thing you need to consider is how many speakers you will need – The rule of thumb is one speaker for every 20’ x 20’ (or 400 square foot) section of pool. So for a 20’ x 40’ pool, you would use two underwater speakers. Some speakers have minimum and maximum depth ratings so be sure to consider this before installation.

The third thing to consider is what sort of frequency response are you wanting out of your speakers. Look for speakers that have good frequency response in the low, middle, and high frequency ranges. In order to get the best sound in your pool, insure the speakers you select can reproduce full band-with sound.

The last thing you will need to consider is speaker placement. It is important to determine the amount of sound coverage you want in the pool. A good speaker will generally be able to deliver quality sound over a 400 sq.ft. area. You should also ensure that you buy speakers that can be mounted at varying depths. Some speakers are sold with minimum depth ratings. In order to give yourself the most flexibility in terms of installation and coverage options, buy speakers with no minimum depth requirements. This will allow you to mount the speakers in various areas of the pool, including the shallow end.

Dolphin AV Installs In-Wall Under Water Speakers in Hilton Head Island/Bluffton SC and all surrounding areas. Give Dolphin AV a call at *843.540.4378 to schedule your free quote. 



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