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The Top 5 Reasons to Wall Mount Your TV

Many people are apprehensive of mounting a TV on a wall because of fear that the TV will be mounted too low or too high. Dolphin AV can ensure hat your TV will be placed in the perfect spot. The wall of your TV room is the natural habitat for your TV and here are 5 compelling arguments that will prove that this statement is true.

Reason #5: Viewing Angle

By mounting your TV on the wall, you’ll experience 100% control over viewing height. There are several mount styles available that rotate your TV left to right, as well as up and down. Positioning options vary widely with angled and articulating mounts.

Reason #4: Clean/Neat Appearance

Wall Mounted TV’s deliver a refined, minimalist look, especially when done right. Running wires through the wall is ideal for the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye outcome.

Reason #3: More Space

As the size of your television increases so does the  furniture that houses the TV. TV’s that are placed on a TV stand take up precious space.

Reason #2: Theft Resistance

A mounted TV is less likely to be stolen out your house, especially if it is secured properly to the mount.

Reason #1: Safety First

The safest place for your enormous flat screen TV is your wall. Wall mounting your TV prevent accidental bumps and tipping that could be a disaster.

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