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Planning your Hilton Head Island Outdoor Speaker Installation

Outdoor Audio

Our love of the great outdoors has been duly noted by audio companies, which offer a variety of speakers created for use outside.

If you’re a party animal, you might consider models with horn-loaded drivers, which tend to play louder. If background music is what you have in mind, then volume and sound quality won’t matter as much.

Learn about what to look for when choosing outdoor speakers, including weather-readiness and the speaker designs best-suited for different setups. For more info, read this blog on planning you outdoor Speaker Installation.

You first want to determine what your main listening area will be. Plan on placing your speakers roughly 12 feet away from that listening area and roughly 8 to 10 feet apart from each other. For example, if you want to listen to music on your deck, you can place one speaker at either end.

What if you need to cover a larger area? Think more speakers, not higher volume. Cranking up the volume could result in uncomfortably loud music in parts of your listening area. For example, if you wanted to cover your patio and pool deck, we’d recommend placing four speakers at the corners. Depending on your space you might opt for traditional speakers, stereo input speakers, or a mix of both. To get good stereo sound with traditional speakers alternate left and right channels.

We recommend placing your outdoor speakers in a protected location whenever you can, like under the eaves. Some models labeled as “weather-resistant” require that kind of placement. If you do need to put a speaker in a fully exposed location, like on the ground by the pool, be sure it’s fully weather-proof.

To cover the broadest listening area, you can mount your speakers up high, above six feet but not higher than ten feet. This will help disperse the sound over more of your yard. And one last tip. If you want to get more bass out of your speakers, place them near a wall of corner.

To create a full outdoor speaker system there are a few things you’ll need.

First, you’ll want enough speakers to adequately cover your listening area.

Second, you’ll need plenty of power to drive the speakers. You can use a separate amplifier although most home theater receivers these days can power an extra pair of speakers in one or more additional listening zones.

Third, look for speaker wire designed for outdoor use. It’s labeled CL2 or CL3. This kind uses durable jackets that can stand up to the elements. For some installations you may also need wire that’s designed to be safely buried in the ground labeled “direct burial”.

Fourth, think about outdoor volume controls. This isn’t a must have but it adds a lot of convenience, since you won’t have to run back inside to turn up your favorite song.

Installing Outdoor Speakers is a job best left to the pros at Dolphin AV. We can install outdoor column speakers, faux rock speakers, mounted box speakers, and much more.

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