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Whole Home Audio

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Whole Home Audio

Wouldn’t you love to listen to music throughout your whole House?

Whole Home Audio Systems allow you to utilize multiple inputs in various rooms within a residence. You can choose between a Wired and Wireless System. There are benefits to both.

The main benefit to using a wired whole home audio system is that you will be able to enjoy music from any location within your home. Because you are able to personalize the design and configuration of the audio system, you will be able to control where in the home you will be able to enjoy the system. You can also configure the system in a way that will allow you to play multiple broadcasts simultaneously. Higher performance quality is also touted as a benefit of the wired

However Wireless Systems work well for installations where hard wiring the system is not an option. The best type of wireless systems utilizes a wireless network independent of your Wi-Fi network. This prevents slowing down your computer network to have wireless audio. Some of the most sophisticated wireless networks will give you control over your system through your networked smart phone or tablet. Both wired and wireless home audio systems have their share of benefits.

Dolphin AV can assist you in determining whether or not your home and needs are best suited for a wired or wireless Home audio system as well as ensure a high quality install. We guarantee an unparallel listening experience, with wired and wireless Whole Home Audio System.

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