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Installing a TV above the Fireplace

Installing a Flat Screen TV above the fireplace looks very nice. For some homeowners, this project may be a little challenging. Dolphin AV can install a TV above the fireplace with ease and precision.

We begin by deciding were the homeowner wants to place the TV. Once that has been decided we mark where the bottom of the TV will go. After we make that mark we are going to find out where the bracket is going to be installed onto the masonry. The stabilizing bars are attached the the TV. The most common TV mount that is used on a fireplace is the tilt mount. The tilt mount swings in and out allowing it to tilt.

Next, we will measure from the bottom of the TV to the bottom of the bracket. Then we take that measurement and use the line on the masonry as our starting point. That line on the wall is the line that represented the bottom of the TV. So then we transfer the distance from the bottom of the TV to the bracket and find out where the center of the area is.

Then we hold the bracket in approximate correct place and mark mortar by drilling a hole in the center of the bracket, for first hole. It is important to drill a hole only through the mortar. It is much easier to repair the mortar than it is to repair the brick.  It is important to use the proper size drill bit for a fireplace. The screws are different than the standard screws used on dry wall. The screws will drill right into the cement like it is wood. While drilling these holes we will check the alignment of the bracket with the brick line. The screws at the top are more critical that the screws at the bottom of the bracket.

After securing the bracket we will hide all of the wires. This is done by code. Lastely we will hang your flat screen TV. The stabilizing bars have hook like bars that extend out so that you may simply just hook it onto the bracket.

Now that is how Dolphin AV installs a TV above the fireplace. If you are considering mounting a TV above the fireplace and need some assistance contact Dolphin AV at (843)540-4378. We can handle any install.

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