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How to Hide Your Home Theater wires and boxes

While TV’s and soundbars can be mounted to the wall and have a more sleek appearance,  the components we connect to them—our Blu-ray players, cable boxes, game consoles—have largely remained dull black or silver boxes. And there are still all those ugly wires to manage.

There is an easy solution, and it doesn’t involve drilling into your walls or any other costly/messy steps. With a wireless HDMI kit, you can get your gear out of sight by moving it into a nearby closet or cabinet and using the HDMI kit to transmit audio and video to your TV.

Wireless HDMI kits have two boxes: one that you plug your components into and one that you attach to the back of your TV. They can transmit a Full HD 1080p signal up to 100 feet, and installing one is easy for even the most tech-challenged.

Or, if you’re simply looking for a way to operate your components while they’re behind the closed doors of your media cabinet, an inexpensive IR blaster will relay your remote’s commands while your gear stays out of sight.

With Dolphin AV’s experience in Home Theater Set-ups they can recommend the right Sensor Kit for you. Feel free to contact a Dolphin AV Representative today to setup a free in-home estimate ni the Hilton Head Island/Bluffton SC area.

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