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How to Frame a Flat Screen TV

Flat screen TV’s are so great when you are watching your favorite shows but they can take away from the rest of your room decor. One solution is to make the screen a little more like a piece of art by putting a frame around it.


One way to take on this project is to simply put a picture frame around the flat screen TV. This is the easier route to take.


Start with a Frame that is a bit larger that your TV. After measuring the TV and determining the size you will need you will cut the moulding with a saw. You can buy Decorative Molding at Home Depot or Lowe’s. This Crown moulding is made out of a lightweight material and is white. You will want to paint the moulding to match the frame. Then you will glue the mitered edges together with Gorilla Glue.

Then you will put a couple of thin strips of wood on the back of the frame to create some extra stability, air flow to the TV, and room for cords to come down between frame and wall.

After the frame is completed and the glue is dry, you can spray paint it using a combination of 3 different paints for added color dimension. You can  just kept adding to it with all the colors until you get the color you like.

Lastly, you will hang the frame over the television and secure it a little more with Removeable 3M Strips.  The frame should not be very heavy so it should be able to just rest on the TV.  The 3M Strips just keep the frame from sliding around.


One thing that is important is running the cords out the back of the TV and into the wall to hide the cords coming down.  Dolphin AV is skilled at mounting TV’s, hiding cords, and creating a custom frame for you.

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