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How to Choose the right Wireless HDMI System?

If you’re on the hunt for a wireless HDMI solution, options abound these days. The trick is finding the right type of product for your needs. Different wireless HDMI technologies have different capabilities, so it’s easy to get confused.

The three main wireless HDMI platforms are:

  • WirelessHD
  • WHDI
  • WiFi

WirelessHD can deliver 1080p/60 video and uncompressed multichannel audio, but it’s really an in-room solution, for those who want to transmit the HDMI signal across one room. It has limited range and generally requires minimal obstruction between the transmitter and receiver.

WHDI and WiFi, on the other hand, can provide a whole-house solution, with a much higher range and the ability to transmit through walls and other boundaries, although signal quality can suffer minor losses at farther distances.

With any of these devices it takes a few moments for the transmitter and receiver to power up and make a solid connection; but, once the connection is made, it proves to be very reliable in any home.

We have added the wireless HDMI system to many of our Home Theater installations and our clients have reported no issues with signal dropouts.

If you are interested in installing an HDMI System in your home and would like some assistance with purchasing and installing the right kit then  just contact Dolphin AV and we will do it all for you.

Dolphin AV is an Audio Video Company that  services the Hilton Head/Bluffton SC area. We can handle all of your Audio Video Needs.

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