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Having Peace of Mind with a Smart Home

Dolphin AV installed a Smart Home system a few weeks before our family went on vacation and I had no idea how much we would appreciate it until we were out of town. There are so many ways now that you can turn your home into a smart home. From lighting and appliances to security systems. All of these devices are meant to make your life easier.

The system that we had set up was the home security system. The whole system can be controlled through your smart phone or tablet. We installed two outdoor camera at the front of the house. One was directed towards the front door and the other was directed towards the driveway. Then we put censors on the front and back doors.

Once everything was installed we synced it up to this app on our smart phones. Through the app the cameras will notify you of any movement, you can control when you want the security alarms to be turned on and off, you can see what time a door is opened, and if a door is opened for longer than two minutes the sensor will alert you through your smart device.

While we were out of town we had a dog sitter come to let our two dogs out several times a day. So we were able to look on our smart phone to see what times the dog sitter came in and out of the house and if it was indeed the dog sitter that was at our front door. This gave me peace of mind to know that our dogs were getting the attention they needed and that our home was safe.

Dolphin AV installs smart home systems in the Hilton Head/Bluffton SC area. I highly recommend this smart home security system to everyone.

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