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Dolphin AV’s Guide for a Multi-Room Audio System

Multi-Room Audio System

Multi-room audio systems continue to gain popularity both in homes and businesses where music lovers live. If you are considering this system for your residence or business, it’s important to gain a basic understanding of what these systems can do and how they can help you move through a cluttered marketplace.
So, I am sure you are asking yourself, “What is a multi-room audio system?”

Great question, allow me to explain.

A multi-room audio system basically works like a switchboard that allows you to send audio to a specific room or zone in your home. The source of the audio itself comes from a typical receiver that plays FM radio, a CD, mp3 files or even an online service, such as Pandora, Spotify or iHeartRadio. The latest receivers can also provide audio from different sources to different rooms.

Setting up the system
Systems can be set up using wireless or hard-wired speakers fed by a single-source receiver or a more complex system using multiple receivers. It all depends on the ability to hide wires and meet customer needs.
In the end, controlling the system is the key to a successful installation. Selecting audio and moving it from one room to the next must be brought into a single, easy-to-use control panel, like a touchscreen panel or mobile app.

Planning for a Multi-room audio system:
1. Decide how many rooms need audio.
2. Figure out how many sources will supply the audio. Do you regularly use a CD player in addition to mp3 files and online music services? Do you listen to satellite or terrestrial radio?
3. Assess your home network connectivity. It may need to be enhanced to take on the added load of online music streaming.
4. Do you want a hard-wired or wireless system?

The pros at Dolphin AV can help you work through all of these questions and deliver the perfect system for your needs. Please contact us to learn more. 

Multi-room audio systems in Hilton Head Island, SC and surrounding areas.

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