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Choosing The Right Wall Mount

When considering mounting a TV to the Wall, it is important that you choose the correct wall mount. There are three standard options you have to choose from. With each one of them serving a great purpose.

Tilt Mount

The Tilt Mount can be adjusted 12 degrees front and back vertically. The tilt mechanism is great when the TV is mounted above the optimal viewing level. However, because of the tilt the TV is spaced out at least 2.5 inches away from the wall. Another benefit to the tilt mount is that is allows you to counteract reflections on the screen from windows and room lights.

Tilt Swivel Mount

The Tilt Swivel Mount offers a side to side swivel and vertical adjustment combo. This mount works well when the TV needs to be angled to provide the best viewing. It’s also great for rooms with more than one usual viewing spot.

Flat Mount

The Flat Mount  places the TV closer to the wall — as little as 1″ away. However, this mount has no angle adjustments — the TV screen’s position is parallel to the wall. This type of mount is a good choice for plasma TVs, which have the widest horizontal and vertical viewing angles.

The wall mount you choose needs to be rated to handle your TV. Choosing the right wall mount is important, but knowing how to install the TV so it is secure and looks good is the tricky part. That is why you need Dolphin AV  to assist you in the TV Mount/TV Installation. We service the Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, and Okatie, SC. areas.


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