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Which is better Optical vs. Coaxial Audio Cord

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What is Optical Digital Audio?
Optical digital audio uses light via a  optics connection  to deliver audio signal from the unit to the receiver. A Good benefit is  of using this type of cable is that Fiber Optics unlike audio delivered through wired cables, audio signals that are delivered by light do not weaken over longer lengths of cable, although we recommend max of  20 feet.
What is Digital Coaxial Audio Cable?
A  coaxial audio cable is not the same type of cable that gets connected from your cable wall outlet to your cable box. Digital coaxial audio has a RCA connect on the end of the cable and it gets plugged into the output of a Source such as DVD player or other.
Which is Best for Digital Audio Reproduction?
It is really hard to say. They both work really well and you probably could not tell a difference. I would suggest Optical if your Source has an output for that. Then use Coaxial if the Optical is full.

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