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Planning for Your Outdoor Speaker System

Spring Season has fallen upon us here in the Lowcountry. There is no better way to enjoy the wonderful weather than to have your favorite music playing while you’re busy doing the things you love to do most outdoors. Dolphin AV specializes in outdoor Speaker Systems. There are some things to

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Innovation with AV Accessories

Is there any innovation with Mounts and Brackets? We believe there has been a significant innovation with these AV accessories. The new Support Accessories, are stylish, virtually unseen, and offer high functionality and value for your money. With the AV market becoming so diverse good design and innovation is critical

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How do you Choose Between a Soundbar and Surround Sound System?

Are you trying to decide between using a Sound bar or a Home Theater System for your home? Here is an overview of the difference in set up and sound quality. Soundbars have been a popular choice because of their sleek design, easy installation process, wireless set up, and their ability to

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How to Frame a Flat Screen TV

Flat screen TV’s are so great when you are watching your favorite shows but they can take away from the rest of your room decor. One solution is to make the screen a little more like a piece of art by putting a frame around it.   One way to

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A Recent Audio/ Video Project

  We would like to feature one of our latest projects. The homeowners wanted to upgrade their entertainment equipment with a new ” High Definition Sony flat screen TV and a 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System. The installation took only a couple of hours, and the family was ready to

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Why choose a Flat Screen?

It’s amazing to see how far television has come since the 1950s. We may laugh now at vintage footage of people huddled around a tiny console broadcasting black and white images, but if you haven’t yet upgraded to a flat screen model people may argue you’re a bit behind in

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What is 5.1 Surround Sound?

With 5.1 Surround Sound there is a speaker in virtually every corner of the room. These speakers are projecting high-quality digital sound at you from all angles just as though you were in a theater. The sound has diversification, with deep, thunderous bass rumbling the floorboards as an explosion happens

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Tv Mount Install Savannah GA

Mount TV and Hide Your Wires- Bluffton, SC

Don’t try to Mount and Hide your Wires by yourself……. Leave it to the Audio Video Professionals. It is important to ensure that you are following National Electric Safety Code standards. Dolphin AV ensures a safe installation that is visually and audibly pleasing. Installing low-voltage in-wall wiring can be a great way

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TV Mounting in Bluffton, SC

Dolphin AV can install or mount any Audio Video project needed for your Home. We install TV’s or any Home Theater Project you may have. Simple or Complex Jobs, we can do it all. We want you to have a Great Experience and sit back and relax. Our Motto is

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Are Curved TV’s the Next Big Thing?

The Pro’s and Con’s of a Curved TV The Pro’s of a Curved TV 1.  Immersed in what you are watching– Your central vision as well as your peripheral vision is affected. This draws you deeper into what you are watching. 2. Wider Field of View– The curved screen’s image

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