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The Benefits of one remote to Control Everything

Universal Remotes not only control your Home Theater Electronics, but they can control your Home Automation Systems too. Combine entertainment, lighting, blinds, locks, and more to create a very unique experience within your home. It can be rather overwhelming to shop for a universal remote. There are so many options and brands out

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Turning Your Home into a “Smart Home”

There are many benefits home automation has to offer.  To put it simply, home automation is all about controlling things.  I’m not talking about control in the traditional sense, where you walk up to a light switch and turn it on, but other ways of controlling things.  Before I get into how you

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Trouble Shooting Your Sonos System

The Sonos system can be wonderful when it works properly, but if the user does not understand how to operate it or trouble shoot it, it can be very frustrating. This Wireless Hi-Fi System can now be operated on your home WiFi network. This setup is ideal for any home

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Having Peace of Mind with a Smart Home

Dolphin AV installed a Smart Home system a few weeks before our family went on vacation and I had no idea how much we would appreciate it until we were out of town. There are so many ways now that you can turn your home into a smart home. From lighting and appliances to security

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Installing a TV above the Fireplace

Installing a Flat Screen TV above the fireplace looks very nice. For some homeowners, this project may be a little challenging. Dolphin AV can install a TV above the fireplace with ease and precision. We begin by deciding were the homeowner wants to place the TV. Once that has been decided we

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How to Choose the right Wireless HDMI System?

If you’re on the hunt for a wireless HDMI solution, options abound these days. The trick is finding the right type of product for your needs. Different wireless HDMI technologies have different capabilities, so it’s easy to get confused. The three main wireless HDMI platforms are: WirelessHD WHDI WiFi WirelessHD

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How to Hide Your Home Theater wires and boxes

While TV’s and soundbars can be mounted to the wall and have a more sleek appearance,  the components we connect to them—our Blu-ray players, cable boxes, game consoles—have largely remained dull black or silver boxes. And there are still all those ugly wires to manage. There is an easy solution, and

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How do Underwater Speakers Work?

Underwater Speakers can be installed both during your pool construction and after. It is ideal to install the speaker permanently in your pool wall. The speaker is fitted into a standard pool light niche and then installed in you pool wall. Waterborne vibrations have less effect on the ear drum

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Were You Considering Underwater Pool Speakers?

Dolphin AV has noticed that Underwater Speakers are becoming an increasingly popular pool accessory in the Hilton Head/ Bluffton SC area. Now people are enjoying their favorite music under the water. Whether for exercise or recreation, underwater speakers add a whole new dimension to swimming. If you are considering under water

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Hilton Head Outdoor TV Mounting

Choosing The Right Wall Mount

When considering mounting a TV to the Wall, it is important that you choose the correct wall mount. There are three standard options you have to choose from. With each one of them serving a great purpose. Tilt Mount The Tilt Mount can be adjusted 12 degrees front and back vertically.

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