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Are Curved TV’s the Next Big Thing?


The Pro’s and Con’s of a Curved TV

The Pro’s of a Curved TV

1.  Immersed in what you are watching

Your central vision as well as your peripheral vision is affected. This draws you deeper into what you are watching.
2. Wider Field of View

The curved screen’s image appears to stretch further across the wall.
3. Sense of Depth is Enhanced

Feels like you are watching a 3D Show.
4. Screen has better Contrast

Curved screens focus the light coming from the screen more directly at your eyes.


5. Better Viewing Distance

Curved TVs track the rounded shape of our eyes better, and thus deliver a more focused, comfortable image.


6. Curved TV’s are Best Suited for 65 inch plus TV Screens

It is easier to appreciate the picture benefits. Bigger screens support more viewers more easily.


The Con’s of the Curved TV


1. The Curve Limits Viewing angles

When the curve is beyond 35 degrees  on each side, the image starts to become difficult to watch. The side of the picture nearest your seating position starts to look foreshortened versus the opposite side.

2.  Curved TV’s Look Awkward on the Wall

Even though there are Wall Mounts for Curved TV’s they can look a bit  awkward when hung up.


3. Curved TV’s are More Expensive

Since this TV is the “Next Big thing” there is a Supply and Demand Issue. Over time the Cost will go down though.


In conclusion,  Curved TV’s may be the “Next Big Thing” for some, but you may want to read the reviews from the Consumer’s before purchasing one for yourself.


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